13576691_10208236313979112_6939693226692080725_oI started my career as a software developer and discovered Agile in 2012, following my Scrum Master course. I’ve been hooked on Agile ever since. Scrum being the framework I mostly work with, but also Kanban, Lean (Start-up) and others. Currently also diving into the experimental new forms of organisations, like the Lean Startup, Holocracy and other forms of network organised structures.

Working as an Agile Coach at Eneco (utilities company in the Netherlands), I work with teams and the organisation in becoming more Agile, more responsive, more fun!! I train groups of people in the basics of Scrum and Agile, Scrum Masters and Product Owners and also help creating an Agile Expert Community.

Ultimately helping the organisation and it’s people strive for it’s evolutionary purpose.

I am certified Professional Scrum Master (I&II&III) and Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPOI) by Scrum.org.

If you have any questions regarding training, don’t hesitate to call me on 0031 6 48159196.

Download my resume here.